Mitt Romney Decides To Vote For Controversial SCOTUS Nominee

( On Monday, Utah freshman Senator Mitt Romney announced that he would be voting to confirm President Biden’s radical left Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson whom he described as a “well-qualified jurist.”

Romney’s decision came as something of a surprise since ten months ago he voted against Jackson’s confirmation to her current seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

In his statement, Romney said he came to his decision after reviewing Jackson’s record and her testimony before the Judiciary Committee’s hearings. He admitted that he didn’t expect to agree with Jackson’s every decision on the Supreme Court, but he believed that she “more than meets the standard of excellence and integrity.”

Senator Romney’s office refused to explain what changed from last year to this year or why a judge Romney didn’t think was qualified for the lower court was now qualified to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

Mitt Romney isn’t the only RINO Republican who will vote for Jackson’s confirmation.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski also announced this week that she would vote for Jackson’s confirmation. In defending her decision, Murkowski said Jackson would bring to the Court “a range of experience from the courtroom that few can match given her background in litigation.”

Murkowski also said her decision to support Jackson was her way of rejecting the “corrosive politicization of the review process for Supreme Court nominees” which she blamed on both parties.

Last week Maine Republican Susan Collins announced that she would be voting to confirm Jackson as well.

Unlike Mitt Romney, both Murkowski and Collins voted for Jackson’s confirmation to the Court of Appeals last year.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation was deadlocked in the Senate Judiciary Committee with the vote tied 11 to 11. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a full-senate procedural vote to advance Jackson out of committee and to the Senate. That procedural vote succeeded 53 to 47, with Romney, Murkowski, and Collins voting with the Democrats.

Jackson’s final confirmation vote is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.