Mitt Romney Declares Rand Paul Is Giving A “Nod” To Putin On Senate Floor

( The “Republican-in-name-only” (RINO) Senator Mitt Romney took to the Senate floor accusing Senator Rand Paul of being a Putin sympathizer and giving a “nod” to Putin. The accusation from the failed presidential candidate came as a result on Paul’s amendment to the resolution supporting Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

Finland and Sweden recently accepted an invitation to join NATO as fears grows on Russia’s hostility in the region. Paul introduced his amendment that would prevent the United States from getting dragged into a war should Sweden or Finland be invaded or enter in a war. He argued that Article 5 of the NATO treaty “does not supersede congress’s constitutional responsibility to declare war before the US commits troops to war.”

The founders designed the separation of War Powers to ensure that the decision to engage in hostilities would be made only after serious deliberation according to our constitution,” he continued. “The United States would resort to war only after the collective wisdom of the people’s elected representatives determine war is in the best interest. We know this because our Founders told us.”

Romney called the amendment useless because the treaty already makes clear the United States’ constitutional obligations. “Our commitment to NATO and Article 5 must be clear and unambiguous,” the RINO said. He suggested that the amendment could send the wrong message to those in Ukraine, as well as our other allies, saying that it could be “propagandized as a nod to Putin.” Romney then urged Republicans to vote down the amendment.

As the war in Ukraine continues, Congress continues to send billions of dollars in aid to the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is also a member of the World Economic Forum, believes that America and the West has not done enough to support his country’s preservation.

“Inflation is nothing, COVID is nothing,” said Zelensky. “Ask those people who lost their children, their peace, their property at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. Who is thinking about masks and COVID? Who is thinking about inflation?”

He continued to say that America should send billions of more dollars because Ukraine is fighting for communal values.