Mollie Tibbett’s Murder Trial Delayed

( On Wednesday, Judge Joel Yates delayed the sentencing of the man convicted of murdering Mollie Tibbetts.

Tibbetts was the University of Iowa student who was killed in 2018. The delay in the sentencing comes after two prison inmates claimed that they have new information relevant to the case.

Christhian Bahena Rivera, the man convicted of killing Tibbetts who was expected to receive a life sentence and no possibility of parole, will now need to wait for hearings to be held after the defense requested the prosecution release the details of what the inmates claim they know about the killing. There has also been a request made for a whole new trial.

The first hearing took place on Thursday, but a hearing on the new trial has not yet been scheduled.

Representative of the State Attorney General’s office revealed that prosecutors still believe that Bahena Rivera is guilty after a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder in May this year. Surveillance footage showing Behana Rivera in the area where Tibbetts was last seen was used as evidence in the trial. Furthermore, Tibbett’s blood was found in the trunk of his car.

So what could this new evidence or information be?

Bahena River claims he is innocent, and told the story of how he saw two men wearing masks kill Tibbetts. He said that they then forced him to help them get rid of her body. The information from the two inmates is understood to be testimony that supports the claims made by Bahena River.

A likely story…

The inmates will allegedly claim in a hearing that a 21-year old man admitted to committing the crime.

We’ll report back when the hearings take place.