Motorcade Attack Leads Parliament Member To Be Hospitalized

( An Italian parliamentarian was hospitalized after an Egyptian migrant through a rock at her vehicle last week, according to Breitbart. MP Claudia Gobbato, who is part of populist Matteo Salvini’s League party, was driving with her family for their summer holiday when a 22-year-old Egyptian national threw a rock at the front window, causing the glass to break and hit her in the eye.

The incident occurred in the morning on A1 motorway, known as the Autostrada del Sole, between Lodi and Casalpusterlengo. Two men were also injured as a result of the migrant hurling objects at cars. The migrant was reportedly traveling on a high-speed train before pulling the emergency break and hopping off, where he proceeded to make his way to the busy highway to throw objects at vehicles, which included throwing a stone at a passing train, causing delays on the Milan-Bologna line.

After police arrived, the migrant threatened to commit suicide with one of the sharp objects he was holding but was eventually subdued by a police officer using a taser. Breitbart reports that at least 20 vehicles were impacted.

“Solidarity with the people involved, a hug to a mother from the League who was injured by shattered glass. I can’t wait for some security to return to this country,” League leader Matteo Salvini wrote on Twitter.

The migrant was taken to a mental health facility in Codogno, Prosecutor Domenico Chiaro said that the man will face various charges.

The incident comes after a Moroccan migrant was caught early this June wielding a machete in Turin, Italy, near a local elementary school. At one instance, the man was filmed running after another with the machete. He was later arrested and identified as having a record of mental health issues.