MSNBC Creates ‘Fiery but Mostly Peaceful’ Sequel While Trying to Excuse Border Chaos

A CNN chyron that read “fiery but mostly peaceful” while automobiles burned in the backdrop was one of the more profound moments of the 2020 riots. 

That surreal scene was the straw that broke the camel’s back. People always knew the press could no longer be trusted. Everyone knew they were biased; numerous books and articles have proved the bias with provable data. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

It seems that MSNBC told CNN to hold their Bud Light, took their nadir and shovel, and dug deeper.

An MSNBC journalist reporting the issue at the border saw a massive group of individuals trying to cross illegally and decided to stand in front of them. The chyron under him said, “Border Crowded, Not Chaotic, as Title 42 Expires.”

Thousands cross over every day, and many are released into the interior without any means of tracking them. Some people have been issued court dates in 2027 or later. 

Due to an extreme workload, Texas has requested assistance from the state’s national guard at certain border crossings. There are over 200 percent capacity overruns at illegal immigrant processing sites. 

Children are passing away while in state custody. If this were happening under a Trump administration or on any Republican’s watch, the chyrons would be much different, and there would be calls for heads to roll.

Instead, we have a vice president that assured her liberal donors at a fundraiser that everything was running “rather smoothly” at the border and a media that carries the water for such lies and audacity.

There has never been a situation on Earth more synonymous with the word “chaos” than the current one at the Southern border. It makes Biden’s chaotic and deadly retreat from Afghanistan appear well-planned.