MSNBC’s Ratings Are The Worst In Years


On Friday, only Nicolle Wallace’s Deadline: White House was able to break the million viewer threshold on MSNBC during prime time, which led to a significant drop in the network’s overall viewership.

Even though Friday evenings typically have a lower overall viewership than other nights of the week, MSNBC’s prime time audience dropped to an average of only 628,000 people. Although the network’s total was still higher than CNN’s average of 530,000 viewers, it was a significant drop from the previous Friday’s number, which saw MSNBC pull in an average of 1.04 million primetime viewers for their broadcast.

MSNBC Prime at 9 p.m. came in second place with 989,000 total viewers, falling behind Wallace’s two hours of programming, which drew in an average of 1.09 million total viewers to top her network.

Total viewers:

CNN: 479,000
Fox News: 1.66 million
MSNBC: 637,000

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 98,000
Fox News: 245,000
MSNBC: 63,000

Here are the prime time averages — encompassing shows which air from 8-11 p.m. — in total viewers and the 25-54 demo.

Total viewers:

CNN: 530,000
Fox News: 2.21 million
MSNBC: 628,000

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 98,000
Fox News: 277,000
MSNBC: 52,000

There are obstacles in the way of MSNBC’s goals.

Under the terms of a new agreement with NBCUniversal, Rachel Maddow, the show that served as the cornerstone of the network’s evening programming lineup, is taking a leave of absence to focus on other projects. Such endeavors are anticipated to consume most of her activity for the foreseeable future. Her absence has caused shifts in viewership patterns.

The network has introduced numerous new opinion anchors throughout the past several months- Ayman Mohyeldin, Mehdi Hasan, and Zerlina Maxwell.

MSNBC is poised to launch another Democratic operative, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, to a new arrangement that might cover both a weekend opinion program and a streaming initiative.

She is in addition to Symone Sanders, who has already begun with the network.

This booster shot for the network doesn’t seem to have the potency they anticipated.

Meanwhile, Fox is dominating, despite disgruntled talking heads leaving the network and disparaging them from time to time.