MTG Mistakes FBI Director As Head Of DHS

During a November 15 hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to think FBI Director Christopher Wray worked for the Department of Homeland Security, The Hill reported.

In his testimony, Wray informed the committee that federal law enforcement had launched “multiple investigations” into people in the US who could be affiliated with Hamas, but said so far, the FBI has found no evidence of any credible threat to the homeland.

During questioning, Greene pressed Wray on the pro-Palestinian protest outside of the US Capitol last month and noted that she posted pictures of the protest on X.

When Wray said he didn’t spend much time on the social media platform, Greene snapped back that the DHS had colluded with big tech to censor Americans on Twitter, including her.

Wray calmly pointed out that he is not part of DHS.

Greene quickly changed the subject, telling the FBI director that he should be “interested in investigating terrorism.”

She held up enlarged screenshots from an online group called “Global Intifada” that included posts from some of the individuals Greene claimed had attended the pro-Palestinian protest at the Capitol.

Greene offered to send the screenshots to his office and suggested that he should investigate the people tied to Hamas instead of targeting the “innocent grandmothers and veterans who walked through the Capitol” on January 6.

The FBI Director reiterated that there were “multiple investigations” into individuals tied to Hamas.

Wray, who appeared before the committee with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and National Counterterrorism Center Director Christina Abidzaid, also told the lawmakers that the terror threat to the homeland that was already elevated this year has risen to “a whole ‘nother level” since the October 7 terror attacks on Israel with a “rogue’s gallery” of foreign terror groups calling for attacks on US citizens.

The FBI director clarified that most of the investigations into individuals have been focused on those providing financial support for Hamas but the reviewing intelligence “to assess how the threat may be evolving.”