Murderer Released After Prison Fails To Meet Nutrient Needs

In 2017, an Italian guy weighing 440 pounds murdered his fiancĂ©e following an argument about his untidy eating habits. Despite being given a 30-year term, Dimitri Fricano, 35, was recently freed from jail in Turin, Italy. The judge determined that he was being denied his special dietary needs while incarcerated. Instead, he’ll spend most of his time at home with his folks.

On their June 2017 trip to Sardinia, Fricano stabbed Erika Preti, then 25 years old, 57 times. The victim upset the chubby killer when she complained about the breadcrumbs on their hotel bed.

Fricano reportedly told investigators that he and his girlfriend were the victims of a robbery by masked men. Fricano indicated that they wanted the money. They pushed me down, battered me, and then they went after Erika.

More and more evidence pointed to Fricano, who eventually admitted to the crime.

The prosecutor, Riccardo Belfiori, requested the maximum penalty of 30 years in 2019, and the Nuoro magistrate hearing Fricano’s case granted it. The killer was not transferred to Le Vallette in Turin until April 2022 because of holdups with COVID-19.

The killer now gets a shorter prison term than initially planned.

Due to his excessive weight and chronic smoking, a supervisory court recently ruled that Fricano may live with his parents. The court agreed that he needs special care and a special diet, neither of which are available to him in prison. The murderer’s intake of food and smoking of over 100 cigarettes a day could not be restricted by prison staff.

According to the Sardinian daily L’Unione Sarda, Fricano complained about his inability to move freely and lack cleanliness. The Turin Surveillance Court heard that the killer suffers from regular periods of binge eating in addition to these grievances.

During his first year behind bars, Fricano went from weighing 264 pounds to approximately 441 pounds.

The surveillance court consented to release the killer after being affected by his tremendous sense of guilt towards the victim and her family, as reported by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Fabrizio Preti, the victim’s father, shared his dismay with the judgment with Corriere della Sera. I expected him to get under 30 years, but six is ridiculously short.

The perpetrator’s father said that their attorney recommended they release their kid to them since they couldn’t afford to keep treating him in jail. In January, he found out that he had been transported to the hospital for a short period before being sent back to prison. He promised me he would return to jail if he got well.