NAACP Gives Mitt Romney An “F” Grade

( Far-left “civil rights” organization NAACP recently gave so-called Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney a failing grade, despite the politician repeatedly pandering to the Woke left ever since President Donald Trump entered the White House.

The NAACP gave Utah Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee “F” grades, along with all 50 GOP senators who received precisely the same grade.

If every single Republican Senator failed, then in the NAACP’s mind, the entire party is opposed to basic civil liberties and is a threat to the nation. Is it any wonder people are genuinely scared, and think neo-Nazis are on the edge of taking over America?

Senator Lee got the failing grade for his votes on the politically-charged and vague John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which shamefully used the name of John Lewis to push reforms that would make it easier for voter fraud to be committed.

Lee was also guilty of saying that the extremist Democrat election reform proposals were “written by the devil himself,” referring to the dangerous attempts by Congressional progressives to remove the states’ rights to administer their own elections.

Both of the Utah senators scores zeroes in every single category on the first-ever Senator scorecard created by the NAACP. The scorecard was also sponsored by the National Coalition of Black Civic Participation, the National Action Network, the National Urban League, and more.

This must be a big blow for Romney, who famously walked alongside far-left Black Lives Matter protesters during the riots of 2020.

When will he learn that his pandering will never be enough?