Nancy Pelosi Goes On Verbal Abuse Rant Against Moderates For Stopping Her Agenda

( The August recess is wrapping up and the House returns to work next week. One of the first orders of business will no doubt be the fight on the proposed infrastructure bills. And on Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a phone call with her team reaffirming her position that the House will not vote on the so-called “bipartisan” Senate bill without the $3.5 trillion Democrat boondoggle “human infrastructure” bill.

Telling her team that “this is no time for amateur hour,” Pelosi reiterated that there would be no way the House will vote on either of the two bills unless they do it in the order she originally planned – namely, pass the boondoggle bill first, then take up the so-called “bipartisan” bill.

Problem is, many of the moderate Democrats are more than a little skittish about passing the massive, unsustainable non-infrastructure $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill. And they have good reason to be skittish.

When Pelosi forced through Obamacare in 2010, it wasn’t the Democrats from deep blue, safe districts like her that paid the price. It was the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats – those moderate Democrats from swing districts who ended up losing their seats in the Tea Party revolution. They mistakenly fell in line and voted for Obamacare despite the overwhelming opposition and as a result, those moderate Democrats found themselves out of office.

Can you blame the current moderates for not wanting a repeat of 2010 in 2022?

But Pelosi doesn’t care. On the Monday call, Pelosi recommitted to a plan to pass a rule next week that would cover the $3.5 trillion phony bill, voting rights legislation and the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. But added that this rule vote will only advance the bipartisan infrastructure bill; it would not be a vote on its passage.

Pelosi’s objective, according to one Democrat, is to dare moderates to vote no on the $3.5 trillion phony infrastructure bill.

To that, Pelosi claimed that “for the first time, America’s children have leverage. I will not surrender that leverage.”

That’s incomprehensible gibberish. What America’s children face is an enormous bill coming due thanks to the Democrats’ reckless spending adding trillions to our unsustainable national debt. If America’s children had any leverage, they’d be able to stop the Democrats from spending all their money before the even have a chance to earn it.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is doing her best to entice skittish Democrats to vote for the garbage $3.5 trillion legislation. She plans to hold her annual Napa fundraiser this weekend before the House returns to work, and some senior Democrats are privately saying that many of those hold-outs will be invited – no doubt in an effort to get them to change their minds.