Nancy Pelosi Has Disturbing Moment On Camera

( Good heavens. Did Nancy Pelosi get into Hillary’s Chardonnay stash? During the Speaker’s weekly press briefing last week, old Nance was either intoxicated or suffering from her own cognitive disfunction.

Pelosi closed out her Thursday press conference on the bipartisan infrastructure bill by fumbling her words and losing a battle with her face mask.

Midway through one sentence, she appeared to get distracted by someone off camera. Pelosi stopped to say hi to whomever it was, then gibbered something to reporters about thinking positively.

Then the old girl tried to put her mask back on. First, she accidentally covered her entire face with it. Then after realizing that her mask was upside down, she pulled it off and turned it over.

No wonder Pelosi recently said that she would be stepping down from leadership after the 2022 Midterm elections. The woman is barely hanging on by a thread as it is.

Pelosi is 81-years-old. She makes Joe Biden look like a spring chicken.

Now, maybe once upon a time, Nancy Pelosi was a master at political strategy. But those days are far behind her.

At this stage, the leader of the House Democrats is getting led by the nose by the far-Left wing of the party – much to the moderate Democrats’ consternation.

Pelosi had vowed that the House would vote on Thursday for the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Senate last month. Well, Thursday came and went, and the House didn’t hold a vote. Why? Because the far-Left caucus vowed to tank the bill.

Now moderate Democrats are beginning to lose faith in the old gal.

After Pelosi reneged on Thursday’s vote, two members of the “Blue Dog Coalition” – the 19-member caucus of “centrist” or “conservative” Democrats – blasted Pelosi for failing to deliver on her promised vote.

Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy said in a statement that the only reason their caucus voted to start the reconciliation process on the garbage $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” proposal was because of Pelosi’s commitment to bring the bipartisan bill to a vote.

Moderate New Jersey Democrat Josh Gottheimer, another member of the Blue Dog Coalition, accused Pelosi of going back on “her firm, public commitment” to hold a vote on the bipartisan bill.

In a statement, Gottheimer said that House Democrats can’t let “this small faction on the far left” destroy President Biden’s agenda.