Nancy Pelosi Orders New Rule To Give D.C. Insiders More Money

( Not only is far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushing forward with her plans to advance the Democrats’ hugely unpopular $3.5 trillion social spending bill, but she’s also advocating for her staff to take home even bigger salaries.

Two things that will cost the American taxpayer.

Last Thursday, Pelosi announced that House staffers will now be able to earn even bigger salaries than most of the elected legislators in the chamber. The effort is said to be designed to keep some of the top “talent” in Congress.

If the staffers are more talented than the elected legislators, then isn’t that a problem?

In a letter to legislators last week, Pelosi said that the new maximum pay rate for staffers will be $199,300 – which is more than the $174,000 salary given to most elected members of Congress. Only members of Congress who have leadership positions will earn more than the maximum number.

In her letter, Pelosi said that she is proud to “ensure a diversity of experience” among the staff, meaning that the halls of Congress “truly reflect who we are honored to serve.”

How many more people in America – represented by Congress – do you think there are that earn less than $199,300?

It’s probably a lot.

She claimed that the pay increase means that there is a parity between employees of the House of Representatives and employees in the federal government.

It comes after leading members of Congress struggled to maintain high-ranking members of staff who were offered more lucrative positions in the private sector or in other areas of government.

It remains unclear whether this pay increase will benefit mid-level staffers, or if it will be offered to old friends of some of the biggest names in politics.

You can probably make a good guess on that one.