Nancy Pelosi Says It’s Time To Remove Taliban From Social Media

( During her weekly press conference this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized social media for permitting violent content showing the Taliban’s treatment of women on their platforms.

Pelosi was asked to comment on videos posted to social media showing women being beaten by the Taliban. Pelosi expressed concern about “offensive content” on Twitter and Facebook “even beyond Afghanistan.”

She then urged social media companies to “react in a responsible way” when content that is “highly dangerous” is posted, adding that social media companies must be called out.

Pelosi then prattled on about her visits to Afghanistan, emphasizing the plight of women and girls. Then she shifted back to social media and said that there was a need for such content to be barred from their platforms.

But Pelosi seemed to be arguing against herself.

On the one hand Pelosi said that “we will shine a very bright light of transparency” on what is happening to women and girls under Taliban control. But on the other hand, she wants social media companies to bar video showing how the Taliban is treating women and girls.

So which is it, Nancy?

Isn’t seeing video of the Taliban beating women shining a very bright light on what’s happening there?

Wouldn’t banning that content turn that very bright light off?

Then because she’s over eighty and is as confused as Joe Biden, Pelosi then shifted to QAnon, because of course she did.

Calling social media a “double-edged sword,” Pelosi lauded it as a tool for communication, and attacked it for enabling “people like QAnon to find each other.” And, Pelosi explained, after the QAnon thing, social media should know better when it comes to the Taliban.

So apparently QAnon and the Taliban are just two peas in the same pod to Nancy Pelosi.

Many people, sane people as opposed to Nancy Pelosi, have criticized Twitter for permitting members of the Taliban to use the platform when a former President of the United States was banned.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado sent a letter to CEO Jack Dorsey calling out the double-standard and political bias on Twitter. Citing specifically Twitter banning Trump while permitting the Taliban spokesmen to use the platform, Lamborn criticized Twitter for not flagging false or misleading tweets from the Taliban the same way they did for President Trump before he was banned.