Nancy Pelosi Says Jordan And Banks Might Be Investigated By Her Next

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated earlier this week that she plans to use the January 6 commission to investigate specific GOP representatives.

Pelosi gave an interview with The 19th News recently, saying the January 6 commission could end up investigating two Republican members of the House that she rejected from serving on the committee — Representatives Jim Jordan from Ohio and Jim Banks from Indiana.

Those two men were appointed to the January 6 commission by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Ultimately, though, Pelosi used her supreme power as Speaker to reject the two appointees, calling them “not serious” and “outrageous” selections.

In her recent interview, which was released on Monday, Pelosi stumbled over a response, saying:

“I mean, they probably … well, we’ll see what the committee finds out about them, but they weren’t going to be on the committee.

“There would be antics and clowns and not serious about this and still participants in the big lie. I didn’t really care if they had voted to accept the results of the election or not. All I wanted them to be is willing to seek the truth.”

Here, Pelosi was referencing former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

The House Speaker clumped Jordan and Banks together with Trump because they were two of the most ardent supporters of the former president. Many times, they both have echoed comments and stances that Trump took regarding election fraud.

Recently, Banks also organized a trip to America’s border with Mexico that was attended by Trump and other GOP members of the House.

On Monday, Banks fired back at Pelosi, accusing her of using the January 6 committee to target all of her political opponents. He specifically referenced Pelosi’s veiled threats at investigating Banks and Jordan.

In a statement, Banks said:

“That is an abuse of power and if she follows through she needs to be held accountable. It is banana republic style politics that doesn’t belong in America. If Democrats had integrity, they would condemn this behavior at home with the same enthusiasm with which they condemn it abroad.”

After Pelosi rejected the appointments of Jordan and Banks, McCarthy responded by pulling all of his other selections for the January 6 committee. He also said the entire GOP conference would end up boycotting the committee’s proceedings in total.

There are two Republican members of the House that will serve on the January 6 committee, and they were both appointed by Pelosi herself. Representatives Adam Kinzinger from Illinois and Liz Cheney from Wyoming were two of the 10 Republicans in the House who voted in favor of impeaching Trump following the attacks on the U.S. Capitol building earlier this year.

Both of those Republicans have been outspoken against Trump and his followers in Congress, and that is the main reason why Pelosi chose them to serve on the panel.