Nancy Pelosi Tells How Babies Are Suffering In Biden’s America

( On a Sunday talk show, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that the United States must investigate why there is an unexpected scarcity of infant formula. Democrats control the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House, so Pelosi’s statements on CNN’s “State of the Union” are timely.

The talk show host questioned Pelosi about infant formula shortages in the United States. The shortages are expected to continue throughout the year, according to one manufacturer, and some parents are currently unable to feed their children. The host wanted to know when the parents who require assistance will get it and will the current administration employ the Defense Production Act to manufacture additional infant formula?

Pelosi responded that the president should use the Defense Production Act, but laws need to be changed to allow that to happen.

According to Pelosi, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is working on a bill to change the law for the Defense Production Act to be called into play. There are four countries, Mexico, Chile, Ireland, and the Netherlands, who have supplies that we may be able to acquire immediately.

The head of the Education and Labor Committee has introduced legislation to reduce some of the red tape around how individuals may purchase infant formula and other related issues. Fifty percent of baby formula in America is purchased through the WIC program.

Pelosi told the talk show host that Congress must move as quickly as possible while remaining cautious to ensure product safety. In addition, question these companies about their safety procedures and figure out how we arrived at a point where we have bare shelves, and babies in our country are crying because they are hungry.

According to reports, the Biden administration knew back in February that there was a baby formula shortage. The administration worsened the problem by quietly shipping available baby formula to the US/Mexico border for illegal immigrants.

An FDA inspection and food cleanliness problems forced the Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan to close in February. That factory was a significant producer of specialty formulas for newborns with medical issues. It is one of the largest baby formula suppliers in America, say news reports.

According to an investigative report, the Abbott plant remains closed.
The FDA and Abbott have refused to address specific questions about the investigation’s status or the intention to restart the plant, further straining the baby formula supply chain.