Nancy Pelosi Tries To Rebrand Joe Biden’s Failures Over “Build Back Better”

( During her weekly press briefing last Thursday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested that one way to salvage President Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation is to reintroduce it under a different name.

Ah, yes. The reason Build Back Better failed isn’t because it’s an enormous multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle that expands the Welfare State, balloons inflation and the national debt, and further cripples our already crippled US economy. Nope. The reason it failed is because of the name.

Can you believe Democrats think Nancy Pelosi is smart?

During his first press conference in 78 days, President Biden suggested on Wednesday that “chunks” of his ridiculous “Build Back Better” bill could be passed individually.

But according to Pelosi, Biden’s “chunks” was an interesting word. She said what Biden called “chunks,” she sees as “a major bill going forward.” Sure, it might be more limited, “but it is still significant.”

Nancy’s missing the point.

If Biden wants to try and pass bits and pieces individually to avoid the same fate as the larger, onerous spending bill, the solution isn’t to simply “rename” the larger, onerous spending bill and try to ram it through again.

Pelosi’s problem, which she conceded in her briefing, is Democrats have used budget trickery to ensure the bill can pass the Senate with only a simple majority instead of the 60-vote threshold. It’s a budget reconciliation bill that does not require 60 votes to pass. Given that, there are only so many changes they can make to the bill procedurally and still avoid the 60-vote threshold.

Pelosi told reporters that the people saying the bill should be broken up don’t understand the procedural quagmire the Democrats put themselves in.

In other words, to ram the bill through with a simple majority, the Democrats became entirely dependent on the structure of the bill that failed to gain even a simple majority of support in the Senate.

They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

So the only chance they have is to keep the massive, cumbersome boondoggle as it is and hope the name change is enough.