Nancy Pelosi’s Home Surrounded By Protestors Taking Stand Against Her

( Boy, Nancy Pelosi just can’t catch a break. When she isn’t making enemies of Republicans, she’s infuriating the activists on the Far Left.

Over the weekend radical Left activists decided to stage an eviction protest outside of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home demanding that the Speaker reconvene Congress so it could pass an extension to the eviction moratorium.

Meanwhile the radical Left Democrat Squad members spent the weekend camping out on the steps of the Capitol to protest Congress not extending the moratorium — as if they weren’t members of Congress. Only idiots like the Squad would protest themselves.

About forty “housing and homeless” activists marched to Pelosi’s Pacific Heights home in order to tape an eviction notice on her front door which probably didn’t bother Nancy so much since she probably wasn’t there.

But performative drama, not actual action, was the order of the day – as it was for the idiot Squad members who camped out on the Capitol steps.

Democrats are less “legislators” than they are “activists getting $175K a year from taxpayers to protest.”

One of the activists at Pelosi’s house cited the homeless crisis in San Francisco as reason to permit tenants to squat in properties they don’t own without paying any rent. Funny how those activists don’t care about all the people now struggling to pay a mortgage on a property that generates no income.

And while the hue and cry from activists, far-Left members of Congress and the media did nothing to move Pelosi into action, it was enough to get the Biden administration, who just Thursday announced that it would let the moratorium expire, do an about-face and extend it another sixty days. This, despite the fact that the courts ruled it unconstitutional federal overreach for the Administration to do it.

All the people who voted for Biden on the pretense that he was a “moderate” were proven wrong again.

The Biden administration has become so beholden to the social media outrages of the radical Left, that it is willing to defy the courts and go full-steam ahead on something that is clearly unconstitutional.

Even President Biden admitted that this extension of the eviction moratorium was unconstitutional, but he did it anyway.

This moratorium has already racked up over $20 billion in unpaid rent. And most of the people who bear the brunt of it aren’t billionaires or millionaires, but middle class Americans already struggling after seventeen months of lockdowns and COVID restrictions. There is no moratorium on paying mortgages or property taxes. They’re stuck having to keep up with their payments while the people living rent-free in their properties remain safe from eviction for another sixty days.