Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop Not Really Hers, Mostly Used For PowerPoint

( You may remember immediately after the January 6 protest in Washington, D.C., how the media claimed that far-left House Speaker Nancy’s Pelosi had been stolen by rioters.

Well, the Associated Press just issued a correction in a story about the infamous laptop, revealing that the laptop didn’t belong to Nancy Pelosi at all…and it didn’t contain sensitive information. Instead, it was a staff laptop that was only used for giving PowerPoint presentations.

The Associated Press quietly issued the correction in a story about a New York mother and son who were charged with the theft of the laptop.

In the same piece, the Associated Press peddled the usual fake line that the people who engaged in the protest were “insurrectionists” even though not a single person has been charged with that crime.

Let’s hope those described as insurrectionists sue the outlet for making the inaccurate claim. They should have a case.

The AP previously reported that the laptop personally belonged to Nancy Pelosi.

In the most recent report, the AP wrote:

“This story has been updated to correct that the laptop did not belong to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but was a staff laptop stolen from a conference room that was used only for presentations.”

The AP said that they claimed the laptop belonged to Nancy Pelosi after FBI agents told them that they were “looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.”

When the media lies and later issues corrections buried in other stories, which one do people remember?

The lie in the headline, or the quiet correction?