NASA Leader Issues Warning About UFOs

( The last thing we need after more than a year of chaos caused by the Chinese coronavirus is stories about aliens, but that’s exactly what we’re getting.

Bill Nelson, the newly appointed administrator for NASA and former Florida senator, revealed in an interview with CNN recently that even the highest authorities in the nation’s space agency and military did not understand what is causing the huge number of sightings of UFOs, or “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Nelson said that he doesn’t immediately believe that UFOs are evidence that aliens from beyond the earth are visiting the planet, telling the news outlet, “I think I would know.” He did say, however, that it was too early for anybody to disregard the possibility that aliens could be visiting the planet in their crafts.

He said that the space agency does not know whether the crafts are extra-terrestrial and that it’s also unclear whether they are from a foreign enemy or the result of an optical illusion.

The optical illusion option seems implausible, however, as most of these sightings also involve data that shows proof that the sightings were caused by a physical object in the sky, sometimes with evidence of the object being recognized by radar before the radar being mysteriously scrambled.

Nelson referenced this very issue, saying that they don’t believe these sightings are optical phenomena because of the characteristics described by Navy jet pilots.

If the highest authorities on space matters in the United States have no idea what these crafts are, and if the United States military is equally clueless, it suggests that we could be in some serious trouble if they turn out to be crafts designed by foreign enemies.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe also recently revealed that the number of sightings of these phenomena is “far greater” than the numbers made available to the public.

You can read the full interview here.