Nashville Shooter Left A Suicide Note Behind

Audrey Hale’s home was inspected by law enforcement, and they found guns, ammo, and additional evidence related to the murders of six people one month ago in Nashville, Tennessee.

They also found a suicide note.

When Hale was taken out by police while she was on her rampage, a search of her home was undertaken by authorities. Three adults and three youngsters had been killed at The Covenant School in Green Hills, and Hale was suspected in all six fatalities. 

On Tuesday, authorities released a list of evidence that included many school yearbooks, a school image, and notes related to other shootings at schools. At Hale’s home, the police also found two weapons, several mobile phones, and a laptop computer.

The police said Monday that Hale, a former Covenant School student, may have gone there because she “had some animosity for having to go to that school.”

Officials learned that Hale identifies as transgender male, but they’re still in the initial stages of inquiry and they haven’t determined whether that really had a factor in this event. They added that Hale “targeted random children in the school.” 

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has said in a recent statement that “The ongoing investigation into the March 27 homicides at The Covenant School has shown, based on the current body of evidence, that the culprit, Audrey Hale, acted alone.

Hale’s diaries, some of which were discovered in her car in the school parking lot and others in her bedroom at home, detailed her months-long preparation to kill several people at The Covenant School “the author writes the work. The notebook with the notes was discovered in the school parking lot.

“There was nothing unique and unusual” in Hale’s connection with the school, said former headmaster of Covenant School Bill Campbell, who also said that Hale “was liked and cherished like all of our pupils.” Campbell said that Hale was a “typical” Covenant School student.