Near-Majority Think Trump Will DESTROY Biden In Upcoming Debates

( Assuming that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden doesn’t back out of the upcoming presidential debates, and if the American people are a good judge of character, then it looks like President Trump is set to wipe the floor with the former vice president.

Almost a majority of Americans believe that Trump will beat Joe Biden in the 2020 debates, according to a poll from USA Today and Suffolk University that was released on Sunday. The poll showed some 47% of Americans think Trump will win all three debates, as opposed to just 41% who believe Biden will.

Assuming that the polls showing Biden is ahead nationally are accurate, it means there are millions of Americans out there who plan to vote for Biden even though they know he’s incapable of debating well.

Dementia will do that to you…

When broken down by party allegiances, the data gets even more interesting. Independent voters have way more faith in President Trump than they do Biden, with some 47% saying they think Trump will win and just 37% saying they think Biden will win.

Independent voters are the people who, in the most part, decide elections. So that’s a good sign for the Republicans and the president.

One example of an independent voter given by the report was Curtis Saffi, from Hampton, Georgia. He said that he thinks Trump will “run all over Biden” but that the Democrats’ VP pick Kamala Harris will “be all over Pence.”

Some 87% of Republican voters also think that President Trump will win the debates, which is high, but perhaps not as high as you think. That means some 13% of Republican voters think that Joe Biden, a man who struggles to finish a sentence during his rare press conferences, will beat Trump in the debates.


Some 79% of Democrats said they think Biden will win the debates, however, showing some 21% of his own supporters think he’s incapable of debating the president.

If the Democratic Primary debates are anything to go by, it looks like Trump doesn’t have to worry too much. Remember that time that Biden said hundreds of millions of Americans had been killed by gun violence, and nobody seemed to call him out on it?

President Trump continues to close the gap and is now considered to be in a neck-and-neck race with Biden. We’ll have to wait and see what happens after he destroys Biden in the debates.