Negotiators Optimistic On New US Border Deal

In a recent development, a Republican senator disclosed that negotiators are optimistic about the imminent release of the text about a border security deal. This progress could pave the way for a new wave of aid to Ukraine.

Senator James Lankford, who has been leading the talks on behalf of the GOP, alongside Senator Chris Murphy for the Democrats, provided an update during an interview with Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday.” This update follows a record number of migrant crossings observed in December.

Lankford hoped that the agreement’s text would be available later in the week. He emphasized that everyone involved would have ample time to review and analyze the document, ensuring a fair and transparent process. The senator underscored the importance of avoiding rushed decisions, stating, “No one’s going to be jammed in this process, but it’s a matter of trying to be able to get this out.”

The negotiators have been diligently working towards reaching an agreement on border security reforms, a key priority for the GOP. President Joe Biden has urged Congress to allocate over $100 billion in supplementary funding for Ukraine, Israel, and border-related expenses.

While Lankford did not delve into the specifics of the tentative deal, he emphasized the urgent need for a change in the handling of asylum and expressed a desire to end catch-and-release policies.

President Biden has recently conveyed his willingness to make significant compromises to rectify the broken border system. The House of Representatives previously passed border legislation known as HR 2. However, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has refused to bring the bill to the Senate floor, dismissing what he deems “partisan right-wing demands.”

Senator Lankford stressed the necessity for House Speaker Mike Johnson to engage in discussions with the White House to find common ground. He elaborated, stating, “That’s the same thing we’re doing as the Senate – working through how we can garner support from Republicans and Democrats, ensuring that our actions make a real difference at the border.”

Lankford highlighted the significance of passing the agreement in the House and allowing for further improvements. He hoped the House would recognize the progress in addressing border-related concerns and move forward with the proposed measures.

As negotiations continue, the pending release of the border security deal text brings a glimmer of hope for a resolution and potential assistance for Ukraine. Both parties are committed to finding a solution that will effectively address border issues and garner bipartisan support.