Nevada Governor Claims Biden Won’t Win State Due to Rising Prices

The upcoming presidential election is now less than five calendar months from occurring. The November contest is currently projected to be between the incumbent 46th President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the former 45th president and a businessman, reality tv star and real estate mogul from New York City. Most current polls show a very close race between Biden and Trump, with a recent article by The Hill claiming that Trump enjoys a two point national lead over Biden in the current state of affairs. Ultimately, though, the future is quite uncertain, and four and a half months remains a monumental and significant amount of time in terms of political events and the sphere in general. 

Additionally, polling is conflicting, with many reports claiming Trump has lost a lead, and others claiming he has cemented it. Regardless, both men are quite unpopular in general terms, with a recent report alleging that Biden is currently carrying a 37% approval rating (a historic low) while Trump is only enjoying favorable ratings from 41% of Americans. These numbers were provided by the far-right conservative media outlet Newsmax. 

It is likely that the 2024 presidential election will be decided by a handful of crucial swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada. While many polls have shown Trump enjoying a lead in several of these states, the race remains tight and largely up in the air. It is anybody’s game with about a quarter of a year remaining until election day in November. In the grand scheme of things, though, both Republicans and Democrats are apprehensive about the largely uncertain contest. Some also have displayed confidence; the governor of the crucial state of Nevada Joe Lombardo recently claimed that Trump may win the state of Nevada due to inflation and the rising cost of living. Republicans have not won a presidential election in Nevada in twenty years; George Bush did in 2024.