New Change In Elections Could Give Republicans 8 To 1 Advantage, Report Says

( On Monday, Tennessee’s House Speaker Cam Sexton announced that a new map of the state’s boundaries would be unveiled on Wednesday and that it would dramatically change the partisan makeup of the state’s House of Representatives.

And on Wednesday, the map was officially released – and it was described by left-wing Democratic Rep. Antonio Parkinson of Memphis as “vicious.”

“There was no stone unturned in this map to give a complete 100-year advantage to the majority party,” Parkinson said.

Well, if the Democrats are going to play that game on a federal level, granting citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens and working to end the filibuster, why shouldn’t the Republicans fight fire with fire?

Under the new map, the number of Republicans representing the state could increase from seven to eight, and the number of Democrats would go down from two to one.

Speaking to The Drive on Nashville’s 99.7 radio station WTN, the Tennessee House Speaker said that the 5th Congressional district represented by Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper would be “split in two, possibly three districts.”

Sexton also told the Associated Press that having multiple people representing a big city is not a bad thing. His comment was supported by Senate Speaker Randy McNally, also a Republican, who said that legislators need to split up the city district because of the rapid change in population across the rest of Tennessee.

Nashville would be split into three separate districts under the new map, and Rep. Cooper would be forced into a new district that includes portions of Wilson, Williamson, and Davidson counties – as well as the entirety of Maury, Marshall, and Lewis counties.

Redistricting is a normal process, and whenever Democrats do it blatantly to their advantage, they rebuff any criticism from the Republicans. So why should the Republicans listen to anything the Democrats say about Tennessee’s new map?

Perhaps the only thing Republicans need to think about now is the pending litigation from the Democrats.

The Democratic Party of Tennessee shared a tweet this week claiming that Republicans are “rigging the system for their own power and gain” and that they will see Republicans in court.

If state Democrats are concerned about politicians rigging the system for their own gain, they should have a word with President Joe Biden…