New Documentary Asks If Alex Jones Is A Patriot Or Fraud

( Alex’s War, a new feature film from a celebrated filmmaker, is soon to be released.

Who is Alex Jones? Is he a heroic patriot or a dangerous lunatic?
That is the subject of a brand-new movie from respected director Alex Lee Moyer, which will be shown in theaters next month.

Moyer, who previously filmed TFW NO GF (That feeling when [you’ve got] no girlfriend), a fascinating glimpse into the incel subculture, has made a comeback with a new documentary on one of the most contentious guys on the planet right now.

The Alex’s War trailer, which teases viewers with the promise of taking them on a rollercoaster trip illustrating Jones’ climb from a local radio talk show presenter to national prominence and notoriety, has just been released on YouTube.

According to the press release for the movie, Alex’s War is an unparalleled, detailed look at this guarded, iconic person and the story of the shattering of the great American narrative—through the eyes of the man who helped break it.

The released video clip explains how the “most forbidden, most hated person in the world” became a target of politics after his largely unnoticed media empire expanded to the point where it influenced the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

The video depicts Jones getting started in the late 1990s by taking on dishonest councils and exposing crooked local politicians.

The story then fast-forwards to 2015, when Trump’s appearance on Jones’ show, in which he referred to Jones as “amazing,” was a significant focal point of his presidential campaign launch.

According to media reports, Alex Jones was subjected to ongoing harassment through deplatforming and vilification, which grew more severe after January 6.

Jones remarked in the documentary that even though he had the right to speak, people wanted to throw him in prison for asking questions. “Let’s put me in front of the firing squad and shoot me,” he said sarcastically.

The movie will be showing in select theaters on July 29th and will be available for video download on the same date.

Love or hate Alex Jones. You have to admit he is at least interesting.