New Poll Shows GOP Losing Momentum

( Things are shaping up well for the Republicans as we approach the 2022 midterm elections, but according to a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University, the momentum that has driven so much fear in the Democratic Party about a Republican takeover of Congress later this year is actually beginning to slow down.

It’s incredible when you consider the fact that the Democrats have driven up food and gas prices to record levels in less than a year…

According to the poll, an unnamed Democrat on a ballot slightly leads an unnamed Republican, with 39% going to the Democrats and 37% to the Republicans. The poll also found that some 24% of respondents remained undecided.

It’s an interesting piece of data given how multiple polls already show that voters would choose Donald Trump over Joe Biden in a rematch held right now, and how Democrats are defending more seats than Republicans are.

Last November, a similar poll showed how an unnamed Republican had a massive eight-point lead over an unnamed Democrat, leading 46% to 38%. Back then, only 16% were undecided.

It’s interesting, but it’s not all bad news for Republicans. The fact is that these polls don’t reflect the general feeling of the population given that they don’t mention specific candidates – and in the 2022 midterm elections, voters will be turning out to the voting booths to choose specific candidates. That really means something.

Furthermore, other polls have shown the Republicans beating the Democrats in a generic ballot, with one from RealClearPolitics published in November showing this, and another in October from Quinnipiac saying the same.

We don’t know for certain how things will work out, but consider this: some 24 House Democrats have already announced that they will leave office and not run for re-election later this year.

That’s a lot of Democrats scared about losing to a Republican candidate…

Read the full poll data here.