New Search Engine Develops Tech To Challenge Google

( We thought it would probably never happen, but here it is…a new search engine has developed the necessary technology to display uncensored search results without tracking user data. The great news comes as Google faces mounting scrutiny over anti-competitive practices in the online search and advertising space, and for censoring search results for conservative-leaning pages.

According to a report from the Epoch Times, a group of American programmers have developed a brand new search engine designed to give people the information they’re looking for without injecting any political bias. The search engine also will not track the IP addresses of users, won’t save their search history, and will allow users to remain completely anonymous.

The search engine, named “Right Dao” in reference to the pursuit of truth in Daoism, is built on a new method of crawling and indexing, which are the systems used by search engines to find pages and information relating to the keywords entered into the search bar. The crawling method involves finding content, while the indexing process is used for organizing the content discovered by the engine.

The programmers said that their unique system ensures users are presented with the best results, and not just the results that the owners of the search engine want them to see.

…which is what Google does.

“We are a fully independent search engine,” developer Steve Smith said. “We have the infrastructure and built the technology from the ground up…we show the search results, free of manipulation.”

Smith also offered an example of how search engines like Google censor results, showing how the results for the keywords “election fraud” list stories that all suggest the allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election are baseless. That’s a problem because the allegations are not baseless and are backed up by a wealth of evidence, including video footage, photographs, data analysis, and thousands of sworn affidavits.

On Right Dao, however, a combination of negative and positive stories about election fraud are displayed.

The developer also explained how smaller search engines don’t track user search histories, and that their current operation is small.

“Currently, our scale is small and the cost is manageable,” he said. “We don’t have a clear profit plan yet. Our top priority is to meet the users’ needs.”

“If we successfully create a product that our users truly love, we will have many ways to sustain,” he added.

Could we be on the verge of a breakthrough in combating the monopolies of Big Tech?