New Study Suggests COVID May Have Come From U.S. Lab

( According to a recent article published in the highly regarded medical magazine Lancet, it is “possible” that the COVID-19 virus was first created in a laboratory in the United States.

The Wuhan laboratory in China has been the focus of a significant portion of the conjecture over the origin of the pandemic up until this point.

On the other hand, the new research shows that Sars-Cov-2 may have been released into the environment from a laboratory in the United States due to either a natural spillover or a laboratory accident.

According to the report, independent researchers have not yet studied US labs, and the National Institutes of Health has “resisted sharing specifics” of its work.

Despite the data in the research paper, the Lancet is still coming under fire for its unwillingness to take action against economist Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, who was involved in research for the publication.

Sachs stated that he was “quite certain” that COVID “came out of a US lab of biotechnology, not out of nature” in the context of a webcast hosted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

According to Professor Angela Rasmussen, Sachs’ participation in the podcast “undermines the gravity of the Lancet Commission’s purpose to the point that it entirely negates it.”

However, Professor Sachs told the Telegraph that he still believes his original findings to be correct.

The final text has received approval from all parties involved. In his words, “the topic of a prospective laboratory release primarily addresses the question of US-China joint study that was being carried out on Sars-like viruses.”

In this framework, China’s response to the pandemic doesn’t make much sense, even though there is significant evidence to imply that the virus was released from the Wuhan laboratory.

Suppose China leaked the virus on purpose or by accident. Why is Beijing still pursuing a disastrous “zero-COVID” policy by locking down entire cities to this day, risking tumultuous domestic unrest and seriously damaging their economy? Why is Beijing still pursuing a disastrous “zero-COVID” policy if China leaked the virus?

In the meantime, as we discuss in the video that can be found below, western governments continue to persuade the general public not to engage in any “conspiracy theories” regarding COVID or vaccines by utilizing all methods at their disposal.