New Texts May Show Donald Trump Bankrolled Election Audit

( An April text exchange between audit spokesman Randy Pullen and former Arizona state treasurer and Trump campaign official Jeff DeWit reveals that the former president may have offered to help pay for the forensic audit of Arizona’s election results…and for some reason that’s considered a scandal these days.

A report from Arizona’s Capitol Times reveals that the Arizona Senate election, which is still ongoing and is the most detailed and meticulous forensic audit of an election in American history, may have been partially funded by the billionaire former president. A text exchange seen by the outlet shows how DeWit offered to contribute $175,000 to the Guardian Defense Fund, a political fund run by Rep, Mark Finchem.

Is it really so shocking to learn that former President Donald Trump was interested in ensuring election integrity and wanted to help in any way he can?

Are we meant to be offended by this?

Later, DeWit also asked about another nonprofit organization which contributed to the audit, known as “Fund the Audit.”

In a text message, DeWit asked Pullin if the fund was “ok to donate to” and that it was “Trump asking.”

Again…what’s shocking here?

It is unclear at this point that whether or not money was actually sent by Trump as these funds do not need to disclose their donors, but Cyber Ninjas – the contractor running the audit – revealed in July that more than $5.6 million had been raised from five nonprofit groups to complete the audit.

The Arizona Capitol Times reached out to DeWit about the matter, and reported that he asked how they were capable of seeing Pullen’s text messages.

Good question.

DeWit responded by stating that he was not “referring to Trump himself” in the tweets but the “broader Trump orbit” as many people were trying to determine whether the groups contributing to the audit were “legitimate” organizations.

This all sounds like a mountain being made out of a molehill…