Newly Found Capitol Police Memo Shows They Were Not Prepared For January 6th

( According to an internal memo from the Capitol Police, which was dated January 5, the day before the so-called “insurrection” in Washington, D.C., a plan to control crowds in the nation’s capital on the day of the certification of the Electoral College votes was woefully insufficient.

The 17-page memo, which was recently reviewed and published by Politico, offered an analysis of the potential threat the protesters may pose on the day. It said that there were “no specific known threats related to the Joint Session of Congress Electoral College Vote Certification” but went on to show that violence was likely to occur.

And despite claiming that they knew violence would occur, the police put absolutely zero plans in place to stop it.

As people speculate that the FBI and federal authorities may have played a role in encouraging people to illegally enter the Capitol Building on the day of the riot, the fact that the police knew something may happen but chose not to take defensive action raises many questions.

The document outlined five different “mission objectives,” but not a single one worked.

The five objectives were as follows:

1. “To provide an environment in which lawful first amendment activity can be safely demonstrated.”
2. “To prevent any adverse impact to the legislative process associated with unlawful demonstration activity.”
3. “To effectively mitigate actions associated with civil disorder; safely respond to crimes of violence and destruction/defacing of property.”
4. “To safeguard and prevent any property damage directed at the US Capitol, West Front Inaugural Platform, and all Congressional buildings.”
5. “Establish and maintain a fixed march route while excluding access to counter-protestors to minimize the potential for violent interactions.”

The document also explained plans to deal with counterprotesters, but no action was taken to contain counterprotesters on the day.

Speaking to Politico, a spokesperson for the Capitol Police said that the department was saying that people were planning violence for some time, but that no law enforcement or intelligence agency predicted such a “large-scale” attack from happening.

Large scale?

This “riot” was literally allowed to go ahead by police officers who walked past protesters entering the Capitol Building.

Why didn’t they…stop people?

Read the full report from Politico here.