Newsmax CEO Says Tucker Carlson’s Firing Has Had An Effect

When compared to Fox News, Newsmax TV is a much smaller operation. However, it appears that Fox’s loss is Newsmax’s gain.

According to Nielsen data, Newsmax saw a dramatic increase in its viewership from Monday (531,000 viewers) to Tuesday (562,000 viewers). Due to customer demand, the channel is back on Direct TV. It is also available on PlutoTV online and on cable networks nationwide. 

Many people have started watching Newsmax TV since the network dropped Tucker Carlson. Reports show that Newsmax TV’s ratings have risen following the departure of Tucker Carlson. There’s little doubt that Newsmax is adding millions of Tucker viewers daily. 

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax, told 19FortyFive in an exclusive interview that Fox’s declining ratings prove his point, and since Newsmax regularly challenges the status quo,ex-Carlson viewers feel right at home there. 

On Friday, Newsmax tweeted how removing Tucker Carlson from Fox had benefited the website. In a tweet accompanied by a graphic, Newsmax said that its Primetime viewership had climbed by 220%, its female viewership had increased by 270%, its adult viewership had improved by 261%, and its male viewership had improved by 219%.

It was reported by 19FortyFive that Tucker Carlson is still working for Fox, and earlier this week, former Fox personality Megyn Kelly said there is still negotiation before Carlson’s contract is broken. Carlson likely cannot head for greener pastures until his current contract expires.

After being released from Fox, Glenn Beck started his own media firm and invited Tucker Carlson to join him at The Blaze. 

According to The New York Times, Ruddy said he would have no problem talking to Tucker Carlson about joining Newsmax TV.  But Carlson may go the Joe Rogan route and start his own podcast. He is a significant figure in the conservative media, and his opinions are taken seriously.

Carlson’s departure from Fox may affect the entire conservative media landscape.