Newt Gingrich Says The System Is Falling Apart Due To Democrat Leadership

( On Monday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich blasted the Biden administration over the current supply chain crisis and rising inflation.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Monday morning, Gingrich said the American people are watching a system failing under the current administration.

Gingrich brought up the recent Gallup poll which revealed a significant shift in party affiliation. He said Biden began his presidency with Democrats holding a nine-point advantage in Gallup’s party affiliation poll. And just a year later, Republicans hold a five-point advantage. Ordinarily, Gingrich explained, party identity is very hard to shift. But in one year under Joe Biden, the shift was dramatic.

Gingrich believes that was inevitable given the economic crises during Biden’s first year in office. He pointed out the container ships sitting off the ports in California, the supply chain mess, the empty store shelves, and the high price of gas, adding that Americans can see a system that is failing. But, Gingrich added, Americans don’t see any evidence that the Biden administration realizes it.

Watch HERE.

On Thursday, during his first press conference in ages, President Biden was asked if he “overpromised” during his campaign. And the clueless president argued that he hadn’t overpromised, instead, he outperformed what anyone thought would happen.

The delusional Biden claimed that his administration has made “enormous progress” and demanded to know if there was any other president who had done as much as he has in only one year.

In some ways, Biden was right. He has outperformed expectations. Most people thought he would be terrible. But we never thought he would be THIS terrible.