Nicki Minaj Says Something “Bigger Is Going On” After Big Tech Censored Her

( After Nicki Minaj created a firestorm over some tweets expressing concern about the COVID vaccines, she posted a message on Instagram claiming Twitter had censored her.

Wednesday, Minaj shared a video clip from Tucker Carlson’s show where he discussed the controversy. Afterward, Minaj sent her Instagram message saying she was in “Twitter jail.”

Only she wasn’t.

In response to the claim, Twitter told the Daily Beast that it had not penalized Minaj in any way. In a statement the social media giant said that it “did not take any enforcement action on the account referenced.” So it is unclear what Nicki Minaj was referring to when she said she was in “Twitter jail.”

But that didn’t stop Minaj from railing against Twitter for something Twitter didn’t do.

Minaj took to Instagram and posted an audio of her complaining about Twitter’s “censoring” her, urging her followers to wake up to what is going on.

She also criticized those who attacked her for simply asking questions.

In her Instagram recording, Minaj vowed that she would never use Twitter again – a vow she seems, thus far, to be keeping. Nicki Minaj has not posted a tweet since September 15.

While her “Twitter jail” claim was unsubstantiated, there is no denying that she was attacked viciously for her tweets – not just from others on Twitter, but also by those in the corporate news and entertainment media.

The pile-on came from all sides.

On her show last Tuesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid lectured Minaj for using her massive social media platform to tell her fans not to “protect themselves and save their lives.” But nowhere in Minaj’s tweets did she tell people not to get vaccinated – she only suggested they pray on it and make sure they’re comfortable with their decision.

In retweeting the video clip from Reid’s show, Minaj hammered Joy Reid, accusing her of being “so thirsty to down another black woman,” that she didn’t bother reading all of Minaj’s tweets. Minaj also accused Reid of spreading “a false narrative about a black woman.”

When some reporters from the Guardian and the Daily Mail began harassing her cousin’s friend from Trinidad, Minaj posted their messages to Instagram and included the reporters’ phone numbers. Naturally, the reporters were inundated with harassing phone calls afterward.