Nikki Haley Says Biden Will Be Even More Leftist Than Obama

(RepublicanInformer)- Nikki Haley appears to be moving forward with her rumored presidential bid, appearing on Newsmax this week to warn viewers that Joe Biden probably won’t run a center-left administration as some might have thought. Haley warned that Biden is about to lurch much further to the left than former President Barack Obama ever did.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m extremely concerned about what’s going on,” Haley told former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who now hosts “Spicer & Co.” on Newsmax.

Haley skipped around several different topics, and also announced her new political action committee, Stand for America PAC, which again suggested that she was really moving forward with her presidential push.

Would you vote for her?

Haley has been widely criticized by pro-Trump, populist Republicans over the last four years for sticking to a NeoCon agenda that would follow in the footsteps of George Bush rather than President Donald Trump.

Haley discussed Iran and how a Biden administration could put the United States in danger, explaining how he is already in the process of re-entering the Iran nuclear deal that President Trump tore up upon taking office. The deal, which was agreed by the Obama administration in 2015, has already been breached several times by Iran…including in the last few months.

Iran has repeatedly enriched uranium to higher levels than agreed upon in the deal, and yet Biden – according to Haley – is preparing to rejoin it.

Haley also had words of praise for President Donald Trump, commending him for his action in stopping China stealing American trade secrets and committing human rights violations.

“And you have Biden who said he didn’t think China was that much of a threat,” she said.

On the topic of the Paris Climate Agreement, a job-killing green agenda that President Trump withdrew from, Haley said that “China basically had their way and it put all of the onus on the United States.”

And yet, she said, “Biden wants to get back into the Paris Climate Agreement.”

“You don’t have to be that much of a historian to know where this is going,” Haley added. “I think this is gonna be to the left of Obama. I think we need to hold on to our wallet.”

Well, that’s terrifying.

Haley’s new Stand for America PAC, she says, will “promote unity” in the Republican Party.

“I think what happened on Jan. 6 was an embarrassment to the world,” she added, referencing the small contingent of pro-Trump protesters who turned violent on January 6 in Washington, D.C.

“I think it was a sad day for America, and I think that we really have to recover,” she added.

Do you think Nikki Haley is the one to help the party recover?