“No Plans” for Biden to Visit Victims of Waukesha Terror Attack

(RepublicanInformer.com)- During the 2020 election, Meghan McCain frequently referred to Joe Biden as “the grief whisperer.”

In a tweet after one of the Democrat debates, McCain described Biden as “the grief whisperer” because understands pain. She closed her tweet saying, “A leader who understands raw pain and knows how to heal it would be a welcome and needed change in our country.”

After Biden turned up in South Carolina after a shooting in February 2020, McCain tweeted that her heart was breaking watching the video, adding “this is Joe Biden at his very best, in every way. He is the grief whisperer.”

Steady on, Meghan. It turns out Joe Biden’s skills as “the grief whisperer” only get deployed if the tragic events serve his political purposes.

This week, the President flew to Minnesota to plug the $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure” bill. And despite just being a hop, skip, and a jump away from Waukesha, Wisconsin, President “Grief Whisperer” had no plans to visit with survivors of the Christmas parade terror attack.

The President, who spent five days hobnobbing with the rich in Nantucket, hasn’t made any effort to make a trip to Waukesha.

During Monday’s press briefing, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked press secretary Jen Psaki why President Biden hasn’t visited the victims of the Waukesha attack.

A defensive Psaki told Doocy that the White House has been in touch with officials in Waukesha and said “we’re all watching as people are recovering.” Yes, we all are. But Joe Biden is “the Grief Whisperer.” He is the “leader who understands raw pain and knows how to heal it.” Shouldn’t he be doing more than just watching?

Psaki explained that it’s a “difficult time of year” for this terrorist attack to happen.

Yes, if only the terrorist had been considerate enough to schedule his terror attack at a time more convenient for the White House. What a thoughtless guy.

Jen argued that a Presidential visit to a community “requires a lot of assets” and takes up local resources. So they’re not going to trouble themselves.


It bears noting that candidate Joe Biden flew to Kenosha, Wisconsin to visit with the family of Jacob Blake, the armed criminal shot by police in the summer of 2020.

As President, Biden flew to Atlanta after eight people were shot at a Korean massage parlor. He also used that incident to flog new anti-Asian hate crimes legislation.

But there is no political advantage to visiting with the victims of a domestic terrorist attack perpetrated by a Black Lives Matter-supporting criminal. So President “Grief Whisperer” can’t be bothered.