NRCC Chair Slams Democrat Use Of Military Records  

( The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is being condemned for its inappropriate and illegal conduct when it obtained military personnel files from Republican candidates, according to Newsmax. A Politico report details how Republican Reps. Don Bacon and Zach Nunn were contacted by the Air Force when their files were released.  

The Air Force has reportedly sent the inquiry to the Department of Justice, but Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said that it is not clear whether a formal investigation will take place, according to Bacon. The information was allegedly accessed through a stolen Social Security number.  

The letter received by Bacon reportedly said that Abraham Payton—working for Due Diligence LLC, an opposition research firm with the Democratic Party—stole Bacon’s number to access his information. Now, both Bacon and Nunn are calling for an investigation, saying that this is both “a violation of public trust” and “criminal.” 

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Richard Hudson is calling out the DCCC and saying that they should “face accountability” for weaponizing the candidates’ military service against them. He added that the Justice Department should open a probe into the committee because they had violated the law.  

This is not the first time Democrats have used Due Diligence LLC to gain personal information on their political opponents. In October 2022, Republican candidate Jennifer Ruth-Green also had her military records stolen and was outed as being a victim of assault.  

This is when the Air Force began to look into the situation more closely, as they acknowledged the “authorized release” of Green’s records, according to Politico. The person who reportedly gave the firm the records said that it was through a public records request.  

The DCCC reportedly paid the opposition research firm more than $110,000 between January 2021 and December 2022, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).