NYC Mayor Debate Gets Tense As Candidates Fight

( The final NYC Mayoral debate got a bit ugly Tuesday night with Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa exchanging heated barbs.

One of the debate moderators, in a question to Sliwa, noted that Adam had previously called Sliwa a “clown.” He also referenced the false claims Sliwa had made in the past and asked him why New York voters should trust him.

The false claims refer to a series of faked crimes in the 1970s and 1980 that Sliwa fabricated while the founder and head of the Guardian Angels. In one, Sliwa alleged that he had been kidnapped when he hadn’t. In 1992, Sliwa finally admitted the crimes were fabricated.

Sliwa directed his response to Adams, saying that the “clown” moniker “is so beneath you, Eric Adams.” He then asked, “Did I make mistakes early on?” Then answered, yes, he did and he apologized for them.

Turning the tables, Sliwa added that if they were going to talk about fake, then they should discuss Eric Adams faking where he lives. Sliwa was referring to the controversy brewing over whether Adams, the current Brooklyn borough president, actually lives in New York City at all.

Sliwa told Adams that most people say he lives in New Jersey. He also attacked Adams for blaming a homeless person for his problems with the IRS.

In response, Adams said that Sliwa’s comments are an example of clown-like behavior, proving Adams’ point. He then told viewers that “we’re not his circus.” And while he has praised the Guardian Angels in the past, Adams said it devastated him that after protecting their right to patrol the subways, Sliwa faked crimes.

Adams also accused Sliwa of hiding his money so he wouldn’t have to pay child support, which was a bridge too far for Sliwa.

Calling Adam’s last attack “scurrilous,” Sliwa said he paid “every penny” of child support for his three children. Then Sliwa attacked Adams for bringing his family into the debate. He told Adams to “show some discipline” and a “modicum of civility” by keeping families out of it.