NYPD Conducts Manhunt For Two Dangerous Migrants

The NYPD has said that they are still looking for two additional illegal migrants in connection with the brutal assault on two policemen in Times Square that was captured on video.

Surveillance footage revealed two of the gang members apprehended at the incident who are now sought for assault.  According to law enforcement officials who spoke with local media, a man suspected of kicking one officer three times and punching another is seen wearing a white baseball cap, red sweatshirt, and black leggings.

During the altercation, the second individual—who was dressed in blue pants, a red baseball cap, and a black puffer jacket —was shown kicking an officer before dropping to the ground.

Reports show the savage assault in Times Square on January 27 was thought to have included up to fourteen illegal migrants.  All but one of the six accused in the videotaped beating have been freed from prison without bail thus far.

The altercation involving the group of illegal migrants in Midtown Manhattan led to the indictment of 24-year-old Yohenry Brito. Brito is now facing accusations related to disruptive behavior, gang violence, impeding governmental administration, and assault on a police officer.

After being arraigned, the other suspects—Jhoan Boada,  Yorman Reveron, Wilson Juarez, Darwin Andres Gomez, and Kelvin Servita Arocha were released.

The homeless Boada is facing charges of gang violence and an attempted attack on a police officer. Critics have voiced their disapproval of the decision to release the suspects in the police brutality case without setting bail, with New York State AG Letitia James arguing that the crime was too severe to be handled without it.

Reports show Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg defended his decision not to establish monetary bail, which angered the local citizenry.

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul has demanded the deportation of the migrants who evaded law enforcement.