Obama Celebrated Man Who Later Tried To Assassinate A Jewish Lawmaker

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Quintez Brown, a political activist who received praise from former President Barack Obama’s foundation back in 2019, has reportedly been charged with attempting to kill a mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky.

Brown, who is just 21 years old, was reportedly arrested for trying to shoot Craig Greenberg, the Democratic party’s frontrunner in the mayoral race. Brown walked into Greenberg’s office holding a 9mm Glock handgun on Monday and allegedly fired several shots. However, none of the five people in the office were injured. Incredibly, a bullet merely grazed Greenberg’s shirt.

Brown was then located by police officers roughly half a mile away only 10 minutes after a 911 call was place. He was found with a 9mm clip in his pants and was carrying a bag that contained additional clips.

Brown formerly wrote for the Courier-Journal and was a student of the University of Louisville. He was praised by Obama’s foundation for his political work, which involved leading his school’s Black Students’ Union. He was heavily involved in Black Lives Matter protests and appeared on MSNBC back in 2018.

During the interview he expressed a desire to implement “common-sense gun reform” in the United States…which makes this whole situation even more perplexing.

The Obama Foundation called him a “rising face” in 2019, and he was even invited to the inaugural event for the “My Brother’s Keeper” program set up by the former president.

He claimed in a statement on the Obama Foundations’ website that he has seen what happens when people live in poverty and are subject to “centuries of systemic racism and oppression” – so presumably, he’ll be writing off this incident as a response to…oppression.

Or something.

The police have yet to confirm a motive but have said that their investigation is considering the possibility that the shooting was politically motivated.