Obama Staffers Turn On Biden Over Israel Conflict

Following the 2016 presidential election and the victory of the real estate business mogul from New York City Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the nature of American politics has changed in a big way. Indeed, the cultural, social, and economic climates within the nation have deteriorated markedly, and things have truly appeared to be moving in a decidedly poor trajectory for the United States. While Donald Trump has often been blamed for the origins of this intense and polarized climate, the truth of the matter is that the United States has been on a path of decline for many decades. Since the 1960s, the political decisions made by politicians in positions of federal power have often been poor; whether or not these servants were self-serving in nature and knew of the long term consequences of their actions or whether they were just simply incompetent is irrelevant. Ultimately, the problems America faces today can be in large part attributed to the actions of American leadership through the last half century.

In the present, though, the decline of the country has been markedly exacerbated. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through the porous southern border over the last three years of Biden’s presidency.

As things continue to worsen domestically, internationally two major conflicts continue to rage on after escalating during Biden’s presidency. Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022 and remains mired in the conflict, and Israel fights Muslim terrorists of the group Hamas in Gaza in the Middle East. While Biden himself is a member of the old wing of American politics and supports Israel, much of his voting base and the political activists within the administration are far-left radicals that want to see Israel hurt and support the Palestinian terrorists. Recently, staffers that had roles going back to the Obama administration came out against Biden for his pro-Israel stance. The antisemitism and progressivism of the left is wholly apparent.