Officials Seek Funds To Dismantle Cartel Hub In America

For the Department of Public Safety’s border security operations and operations at Colony Ridge, a significant land development that has drawn illegal immigrants, the Texas legislature has sponsored legislation to spend $40 million in state monies.

The acceleration of development has become a hub for crime. The explosion in population overburdens authorities, and Governor Greg Abbott called for a fourth special legislative session, the second that highlighted Colony Ridge by name.

Colony Ridge is home to between 40,000 and 75,000 people.

Abbott has asked lawmakers for more money so the Department of Public Safety can invest in border patrols to safeguard the public’s safety and security at the Colony Ridge development. Law enforcement has been stationed there for longer hours at a higher cost.

The Colony Ridge development in Texas will have increased public safety and security thanks to legislation introduced by Senator Joan Huffman and Representative Jacey Jetton, which would provide $40 million to DPS for border security operations. The bill specifies that the money will cover overtime costs for law enforcement officers stationed in the new neighborhood. The law would make an additional $1.5 billion available to improve border patrol and wall building.

Concerns raised in letters from 25 members of Congress and the entire Texas Republican delegation, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a separate letter, are not addressed in the proposal.

Colony Ridge’s business model was the main subject of the Congressional letter, which claimed that amid a border crisis, illegal immigrants would be attracted to the development since it offers owner-financed loans with no need for a credit check or proof of legal residency.

Paxton made a similar accusation, saying that the state’s real estate boom had encouraged illegal immigrants to cross the border and set up shop in Texas. Cities and school districts in the area are worried that the influx of illegal immigrants will strain resources.