Old Photo Of DeSantis Solves #BootGate Once And For All

It’s not entirely out of the question that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis uses shoe lifts to elongate his stature. With former president Donald Trump’s notoriety and habit of labeling opponents with diminutive nicknames, one can understand DeSantis attempting to claw for whatever advantage he can get.

Studies show that the taller candidate wins around two-thirds of the time in American presidential elections. Social media users have continued to make parody music videos, predict that the toes of DeSantis’ boots are curling, and rehash old jokes about the glossy white boots he wore to a storm relief photo-op in October 2022.

During what has been dubbed “Bootgate,” DeSantis and his campaign have disputed that he wears lifts, with the former saying that he just buys “ordinary off-the-rack Luccheses” and the latter making uncomfortable remarks about foot fetishes.

Many shoe experts agreed with the Twitter trolls that DeSantis did appear to be wearing lifts, citing the “very unusual” ways in which the boots and his pants were fitting. This included creases in the boot and a toe curl, suggesting that DeSantis’ foot was propped up further back in the boot, leaving the first few inches of the toe empty.

Three boot experts agreed that DeSantis’ lifts added around 1.5 inches to his height, with the boot’s heel adding another inch or two. This would put his height between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 9.

The governor’s love for Western footwear is a relatively new development. When he was a rookie congressional candidate and during his tenure as a congressman, he wore typical men’s dress shoes, most of which added around an inch in height.

Reviewing past pictures and comparisons with people of known height, DeSantis seems closer to 5’9″ than the advertised height of 5’11”.

The customer support department of Lucchese confirmed that the governor was wearing the men’s “Haan” boot, which sells for $895. The “Lucchese Live Shopping” web conversation revealed that the Haan boot had a 1 1/8″ heel, making it only slightly higher than the heel of a standard pair of men’s dress shoes but still not high enough to elevate a 5’9″ presidential candidate to 5’11”.
So far, DeSantis will not admit “de-feet.”