Only 49% of People Think Joe Biden Is Mentally Healthy Enough To Be President

( When President Donald Trump was in office, the media did nothing but push biased polls that suggested Americans hated him. The polls were skewed by the well-documented “Shy Trump voter” phenomena, whereby supporters of the president would refuse to answer pollsters’ questions.

But now that Biden is in office, the media is ignoring polls that show less than half of the American public thinks Biden is mentally capable of fulfilling his role as president.

A new Fox News poll found that 49% of Americans believe that President Biden has the “mental soundness” to do his job, while 48% of Americans say that they don’t believe he’s cognitively capable of being the president.

It’s not the only poll taken, either. The exact same question was asked of respondents previously between September 7 and 10, showing how 49% said he was mentally sound, and 45% said he wasn’t. It shows that, as time goes by, more Americans are admitting that President Joe Biden might not be able to properly do his job.

Even his own supporters must be starting to question their decision to vote for him, with inflation proving not to be temporary at all, and the border crisis getting worse by the month.

When respondents were asked whether they believe President Joe Biden to be a strong leader, only 45% said “yes” – which was a reduction of four points over the answer to the same question in October last year. Some 53% of respondents said that the president isn’t a strong leader, which is an increase of eight points over October.

The American people are increasingly waking up to President Joe Biden being incapable of doing his job, and we still have more than three years of his presidency left.

How long until they install Kamala Harris?

You can find the full results of the poll here.