Oregon Might Actually Elect A GOP Governor, Governor Says

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, the race for governor of Oregon in 2022 will be “the most shocking event” of the entire election cycle.

The state has always been considered a safe haven for Democrats, but recent surveys suggest that a Republican has a good chance of winning the contest for governor in 2022.

During an appearance on the television show “Just the News, No Noise” on Friday, Rasmussen stated that he would never have imagined being in a position to suggest that Oregon may have a Republican governor.

He explained that three candidates are running for governor of Oregon, which is one of the reasons why the election is so tight.

Rasmussen pointed out that the individual in question is wealthy, unaffiliated, and a former Democrat.

He said Oregon is losing a Democratic governor who is extremely unpopular, and he is departing. You’ve got everything going crazy in Portland. As things stand, there is a possibility that a Republican will find their way into the governor’s office, which will be profound.

The nominee for the Republican party, Christine Drazan, is competing for the seat against the Democratic candidate, Tina Kotek, and Betsy Johnson, a former Democrat who is now an independent.

According to Rasmussen, many Democratic contenders are attempting to distance themselves from President Joe Biden, who is often regarded as a political liability due to his dismal approval ratings.

According to the seasoned pollster, the President’s numbers overall are toxic.

The Democratic Party is reluctant to campaign alongside him. Rasmussen says he feels that following the election, he’ll need some help getting his calls returned.

The editorial board of The Oregonian made it clear that they supported Kotek despite having significant qualms about doing so. One of these reservations was the admission that she “leans toward supporting a recommendation from the state education department to permanently remove a requirement that high school students prove proficiency in math, reading, and language arts,” thereby “opening the door for students to earn diplomas with no more than Ds on their report cards.”

It is unnecessary to have been a teacher in the past to understand the devastating impact this legislation will have on students, the state, the country, and even the world.