PAC Supported by the Koch Family Supports Nikki Haley for President

The libertarian policy network Americans for Prosperity Action, which was founded by the Koch brothers, on Tuesday endorsed Nikki Haley in the 2024 presidential primary, CBS News reported.

The deep-pocketed, staunchly anti-Trump group will provide an influx of corporate cash for the former South Carolina Governor as she seeks to move into second place in the GOP primary.

In a press release announcing its endorsement, AFP said it is launching a multi-million-dollar ad campaign starting this week in all early primary states as well as Super Tuesday states to urge Republican voters to “unite behind Haley’s positive vision” to end America’s “broken politics” and move the country forward.

AFP’s first ad, which aired on Tuesday, described Haley as a fiscal conservative and claimed that she would do what Trump and Biden failed to do by ending “reckless spending” and “fix what’s broken.”

In a press call on Tuesday, AFP told reporters that it had already contacted over six million voters and boasted that it was the “largest grassroots organization in the country” with a presence in every state.

In 2015, AFP approved five of the GOP primary opponents, all of whom failed to make a dent in Donald Trump’s lead.

In its press call, the group provided polling suggesting that Haley is not as well-known as the other contenders but argued that her lack of name recognition was a strength rather than a weakness.

In early 2023, AFP announced its plan to oppose Donald Trump in the 2024 primary and vowed to actively find an alternative candidate to back. At the time, AFP CEO Emily Seidel told donors that “the best thing for the country” would be a president “who represents a new chapter.”

Already in this cycle, AFP Action has spent more than $4.1 million in ads urging Republican primary voters to elect someone other than Trump as the GOP nominee.