Patriot Freed After Being Imprisoned For Pro-Trump Memes

Several patriots have been incarcerated as political prisoners by the Biden administration since the 2020 election. Douglas Mackey, an influential figure who created pro-Trump memes during the 2016 election, used the online alias Ricky Vaughn. In anticipation of a decision by the appeals court on Mackey’s case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals released him on December 4, 2023.

March 2023 saw Mackey’s conviction for election meddling stemming from his mighty memes that poked fun at Hillary Clinton and her followers. In Brooklyn, a federal jury asserted that his tweeted memes were part of a “Conspiracy Against Rights.”

U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said that Mackey had been “found guilty” by a jury of his peers for trying to prevent people from voting for the presidential candidate they wanted in 2016. The defendant’s fraudulent conduct went beyond mere fraud. It rejected his unscrupulous effort to exploit free speech as a cloak for his plot to suppress the vote and undermine the voting box.

Mackey’s humorous pro-Trump comments helped him get over 58,000 Twitter followers. “Avoid the Line” was the title of one of his memes that made fun of the voting process and Hillary’s followers, calling them ignorant. The words “Vote from Home” and “Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925” are superimposed over a photo of the potential president.

Mackey sent out many spoof tweets, often with the hashtag #ImWithHer, which Clinton supporters used throughout the campaign, and he utilized a typeface that resembled the ones used by official Clinton campaign advertisements.

It seemed like the Biden administration was going after the meme-maker because his quips were “too successful.”

His release from jail inspired optimism that the United States would defeat the Biden Administration’s totalitarian overreaches against its political foes, which is why Trump supporters cheered Mackey’s release on X.

According to President Trump’s video remark on the release, “Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats are attempting to masquerade as the protectors of democracy when in reality they’re the ones destroying our democracy.”