Pelosi Asked To Axe Ilhan Omar

( Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to take further action against far-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar after she made a false equivalency between the United States and…Hamas. The Illinois congresswoman said that the U.S., Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban have all committed “atrocities” but Pelosi said that her comments were “interpreted” wrong.

Well, Republicans aren’t happy with that – and the GOP members of Congress who broke with the party in February to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene of her committee assignments are demanding that the Democrats do the same with Omar.

But you know they won’t.

Here’s the offending tweet from Ilhan Omar, for reference:

Eight House Republicans, led by Florida congressman Carlos Gimenez, has called on House Speaker Pelosi to strip Omar of her committee assignments for making the egregious claims.

In a letter seen by Fox News, the GOP members of Congress told Pelosi that it was her responsibility to hold members of their party to account if they make egregious and extreme comments.

The congressman said that Omar has made her congressional career out of fueling anti-Semitic violence by pushing inaccurate stereotypes, denigrating strategic U.S. allies, and accusing other members of Congress of pledging their allegiance to foreign sovereigns because they support the U.S.-Israel allegiance. They even accused Omar of whitewashing the September 11 terror attacks, adding that her policy stances and comments undermine the interests of the United States and could even hurt U.S. foreign policy.

The letter said that Omar’s continued involvement as a prominent member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee “cheapens” the role that Congress plays in decision-making for U.S. foreign policy.

Sadly, the letter was ignored by Speaker Pelosi.