Pelosi Banned Military Officer Son From Attending Her Swearing In

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said by many to be the most partisan House Speaker in history, reportedly banned a Republican Representative from allowing her son it the gallery during her swearing-in ceremony.

New York Rep. Claudia Tenney told the Daily Caller about the shocking move by Pelosi, which saw her U.S. Naval Academy graduate son from attending the ceremony. Tenney came forward after the story was revealed by former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a Tweet on Thursday morning.

“On January 3rd, every member of the 117th Congress was permitted to have a family member witness the swearing in in the House gallery,” he said.

“Today @speakerpelosi’s staff denied the request for @claudiatenney’s son,” he added.

Tenney confirmed the story, telling the Caller that Pelosi must consider her military son a “risk.”

Tenney described how Pelosi told her the news via text message from members of her staff, and despite “several exchanges,” refused to change her mind.

While Pelosi considered Tenney’s son a security risk – presumably because Tenney is a Republican and many high-profile Democrats, including Pelosi, have described Republicans as “enemies” – President Donald Trump called him in 2017 before he was deployed to Iraq.

Pelosi’s office has refused to explain the decision and has not responded to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller and other conservative news outlets. And, as you probably would expect, left-wing media outlets haven’t had very much to say on this at all.

Tenney’s swearing-in was delayed after her Democrat opponent challenged the results of the election in New York’s 22nd district, arguing that hundreds of votes were not correctly counted by voting machines. Democrat Anthony Brindisi, who lost his seat to Tenney, fought bitterly in the courts to keep his seat but ultimately failed.

Funny how Democrats can challenge election results in the courts, but when Republicans do it, it’s an affront to democracy, huh?