Pelosi Says That Biden’s Response To Putin’s Invasion Was “Brilliant”

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be in a state of delusion, telling the media on Friday that Biden should be praised for his “brilliance” in his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram claimed that Pelosi said it was “really important for people to understand the brilliance with which President Biden is conducting this.”

“This is a man who served decades as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He knows the arena. He knows the personalities,” she said.

That didn’t stop Putin from invading Russia soon after he entered office though, did it?

Here’s a reminder that Putin last invaded Ukraine in 2014, when Joe Biden was in the White House with President Barack Obama. Is that a coincidence?

Pelosi said that it’s “stunning’ to see a tyrant like Putin “roll into a country.”

“This is the same tyrant who attacked our democracy in 2016,” she claimed without evidence.

Pelosi made the comments during a press conference following her congressional trip to Israel, the United Kingdom, and to Germany where she attended the Munich Security Conference.

If Pelosi thinks Biden is doing a brilliant job of handling this crisis, then we wouldn’t like to see what she considers a bad job…