Pelosi’s Coverup On January 6th Looks Like A Smoking Gun

( The last public meeting for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee, which looks into the January 6th disturbance at the US Capitol that occurred almost two years ago, was held just over two weeks ago. Only anti-Republican individuals nominated by the Democratic Party’s leader make up the committee. This one-sided composition and nomination have never occurred in the 233 years since the US Constitution was in effect.

No sincere supporter of the law, whether in its creation or application, would ever conceive of a method of obtaining objective facts devoid of an adversarial procedure involving the summoning and cross-examination of documents and witnesses. But to the enormous harm of the nation, it is precisely what Pelosi, Chairman Bennie Thompson, and Liz Cheney have planned.

This uniquely empowered committee aimed to examine the facts, conditions, and causes connected to the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol and to develop legislative recommendations to stop a similar attack in the future.

So it’s odd that the majority of the committee’s efforts have been focused on investigating the Trump administration while Joe Biden hastily waived executive privilege on behalf of the White House, infringing the civil rights of several conservative activists and Republican advisers.

In some of the committee’s subpoenas, witnesses must disclose documents from 2019, peaceful political gatherings that took place before and immediately before the 2020 election, and conversations that helped shape legislation. Committee members have repeatedly used sensationalized TV shows to claim that the biased panel is investigating crimes.

The Constitution expressly prohibits Congress from conducting criminal investigations. It can improve its security and streamline procedures, though.

Police were the subject of one hearing before the committee. One that omitted evaluating any of the abuses, miscommunications, or chain of command breakdowns that led to the deaths of the only persons who indeed perished on January 6th: unarmed protestors.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness has documented the lies told by the US Capitol Police, none of which have been corrected. Kelly asks why Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not been investigated for her role in preparing for the anticipated riot.

Perhaps Pelosi had keen foresight and ended up with the desired optics.

The hearing on October 13th aired a previously unreleased video, which seemed to put an end to this “he said, she said” debate. According to evidence given by Chris Miller, before the select committee was established, Trump asked if the mayor of the District had requested the National Guard. This distinction is based on the constitution and the law since the president cannot command the guard to enter without a request.